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Make Me Something Dope is an art studio that promotes the idea that creativity should not be limited to the expected, and that is why our products are always changing and always fresh. We promise to keep making new content and products for you to consume and enjoy.

In addition to creating dope products, we film, direct, write, and produce all of our content. We strive to keep our productions in-house, authentic, and true to our brand stance.

We are growing and looking for brand partnerships and collaboration opportunities. If you are interested in a collab, please drop us an email.

Our 4-legged stance

MMSD believes that rescuing shelter dogs should be the bare minimum that we do for our canine friends. We believe that dogs deserve comfy beds, cute collars, mental stimulation, health care, physical exercise, and training.

Dogs have evolved into our perfect companion and here at MMSD we believe in giving dogs the best in exchange for their companionship. Our products are about more than helping your dog look cute(r). Our products are meant to give your dog the best because your dog deserves it.

MMSD will always stand against puppy mills, animal cruelty, and breed bans.